My feeling is that there's a lot of resentment. The Meghan I watched during the interview is a LADY. From the way she spoke, her soft tone of voice, she never interrupted, she never spoke ill of anyone, her dress, the skirt length, the shoes, the hair, she even had the "duchess slant" down keeping her legs together the correct direction. She's elegant down to her toe nails, and I think it bothers a lot of white women to see a black woman as they would say "putting on airs" (they'd never phrase it that way with Kate of course). In every way she's "better than they are" (we were all born equal of course), she's more refined, doors will open for a woman like that that would not open for most of the women in the UK. I think it drives them insane that she's a Duchess and they're typing in a cubicle somewhere being treated like crap. They can't see that patriarchy is the real enemy, how they're treated is the problem, and they'll never see their problem with her is that they can't tolerate a black woman who behaves like she believes she’s a princess rather than a maid. "Uppity" was the Jim Crow word. So they make up a million reasons why she's awful, like she destroyed his family, etc. It's easier than looking in the mirror.

Writer, M.A. European History, www.blinkcharging/blog, feminist, student of life

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