Brilliant, brilliant. Have you read "Ordinary Men"? It's about how a group of otherwise ordinary Polish men, husbands, fathers, who got along with neighbors previously, even liked and helped them, exterminated an entire village of Jewish people, most of whom they knew. The deals they made with themselves and each other to make it "okay." It's fascinating. I wish that online test "Would you have been a Nazi?" was still around. U.S. News and World report declared it the most accurate test of its kind. Everyone expected to get "Resistance" but most people scored "Ordinary German" or a soldier in the Nazi party. Americans went nuts about their scores of course. I remember getting "Expatriot", which said "you would have seen the writing on the wall and left the country, you would not have been brave enough to risk yourself or your family to fight back", and I had to face my own flaws. Thanks for this.

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