Western Medicine Has a History of Failing Women

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Many women idolize the Victorian era, enjoying romantic and dramatic TV shows and movies about this period, but the truth is that, historically, there was no worse time in history to be a woman.

At the advent of psychology, being a woman itself was considered an impairment. Women who were angry, overworked, abused, or simply bored, were considered mentally ill.

Women who enjoyed sex or sought an orgasm were considered mad indeed. Women were locked in mental asylums and tortured; treatments for being “oversexed” included ice baths that froze women, some until their hearts stopped, physical restraints, and by the…

While some doors are closing, others are opening

How many times have you heard someone say “I hate my job?” Before the pandemic, it was simply a reality of life that many employees hated their jobs and that most employers had to deal with workers who really didn’t want to be there. But Covid-19 forced us to look at our work/life balance differently than ever before, and decide what matters most to each of us.

Inspirational stories abound in the media right now about people who quit jobs they hated and moved on, such as the tale of a husband and wife who quit selling insurance, and turned…

How an Article On “Hot Asian Men” Broke the Comment Section

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I’ve never been quick to villainize people over sexuality; it’s just not my style. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to kinks, I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to judge sexuality, sexual preferences, or fantasies, even ones that would make most of us cringe. Nor is it okay to tell other people what they’re allowed to be attracted to. Actions are a whole other matter, but fantasy is private. It may be un-PC of me, but I don’t think sexuality and desire will ever be things that will fit into a tiny, polite box. …

My first fight over masks was a doozy

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So let me tell you what happened to me the other day…Three days ago, I went to my regular colorist; she’s a genius and I had no plan to switch. I walked in the big salon I usually go to and no one is wearing a mask. Red flag number one. The CDC mandate is that those who are vaccinated don’t have to wear a mask indoors, perfect, wonderful, awesome. The thing is, it’s a very conservative environment. I grew up nearby, and I’m 100% positive most of the employees there are unvaccinated.

In fact, the moment I got back…

Despite the Equal Pay Act, women earn 82 cents on the dollar

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Equal Pay Day was March 24 this year; several years ago, it was April 4. While the date changes, the reason for Equal Pay Day doesn’t. It marks how far into the new year a woman is working for free if she were being paid the same salary as a man for doing the same job.

Currently, women are paid an average of 82 cents on every dollar earned by a white male. For African American, Latina, and Asian women, that number is closer to 77 cents. Lots of reasons are offered to explain the difference. …

Creating success by setting boundaries with yourself

Boundaries are like fences protecting a lush, beautiful garden. Boundaries protect and comfort you, and they stop others from tromping all over your blooming plans and dreams. They keep you from getting hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Boundaries define what you will and will not do, accept, and tolerate from other people. Boundary setters know that others will treat you with the exact amount of respect you demand- no more, no less. But how much respect are you demanding from yourself?

When it comes to boundaries, is it possible that sometimes you’re the one abusing your time, your mind, and…

How to get and keep customers by giving them what they want most

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“Customer stickiness” is a marketing term that describes a customer’s desire to return to the same business or brand in a competitive environment over and over because the customer perceives the greatest value from that brand or business — be it the best price, the fastest, or the most accurate service. This value makes the customer “stick with you”, and the reason they develop stickiness is different for every consumer.

Customer loyalty, such as using a product because your mother did and your grandmother did, is different

Afraid you give away too much? Personal empowerment requires the time and energy to put your own goals first

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The entire world takes from women. Others can take so much from us, time disappears and before we know it, we realize we lived our lives in service to other people’s dreams instead of our own.

Others take our energy, our freedom, our time, our work, and our bodies. Women are expected to be all things to all people, to the point that many believe it’s inappropriate for women to have boundaries at all, or that it’s selfish to have boundaries with a husband, child, parent, or boss.

The sheer amount of responsibility women have today is emotionally and physically…

Rural Americans Haven’t Embraced the EV, but Financial Challenges May Change The Landscape

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Everyone knows EVs abound in major cities like NYC, and in ones with warmer climates like Los Angeles and Miami, which already have charging station infrastructures. Introducing EVs into rural areas has been more difficult.

There are many reasons rural communities have been unable to fully embrace electric vehicles, from driving distance to lack of funds. Over 40% of new vehicle sales are predicted to be electric by 2040. As EVs take over the roadway, rural America may be left behind.

My feeling is that there's a lot of resentment. The Meghan I watched during the interview is a LADY. From the way she spoke, her soft tone of voice, she never interrupted, she never spoke ill of anyone, her dress, the skirt length, the shoes, the hair, she even had the "duchess slant" down keeping her legs together the correct direction. She's elegant down to her toe nails, and I think it bothers a lot of white women to see a black woman as they would say "putting on airs" (they'd never phrase it that way with Kate of course)…

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